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Break the cycle
It’s time to kill the pain
It’s time to live again
It’s time for me to grow and find my way

Break the cycle
There’s no time to lose
This is something that I choose
And it’s time for me to finally have some peace
And break the cycle

Everyday feels like yesterday 
And I see the same things along the way
And I build a wall one day at a time
And silence and anger fills my mind


Somewhere deep down inside of me
I know there’s a peaceful man sitting by a tree
And I go to him when I need some company
And I get my medicine, my therapy


And I float away
And I float away to another world
And I float away away

So everybody come out with me
I know there’s a peaceful world for us to see
I hope to see you down by that tree
And we'll get our medicine, our therapy


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