Note from Kev...
I've been doing this a long time now...

And it has not been easy. In fact, it's been a wild journey of extreme ups and downs, highs and lows that I can't really even explain. It's been more like a beautiful blur...

Of amazing people and experiences and sights... that goes beyond this world and many of the mundane normal things that we all must endure. It's been truly spiritual.

And I wouldn't trade a second of it.

I am an american singer-songwriter and have released 14 albums (either solo or in bands), played over 2,000 gigs, traveled all over the country, and my music is heard worldwide on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and everywhere else music is listened to...


The Healing Power Of Music!

I've seen firsthand how music can make a difference in people's lives. How hearing just the right song at just the right time can take someone somewhere else and transport them to a more peaceful place.

In my musical journey as both a touring artist and as a digital musician I have seen how this transformation can take place and truly change people's lives for the better. It can help us overcome the many obstacles of our daily lives, the painful experiences from our past, and the constant grind of our highly ambitious lifestyles.

And it can help us have HOPE FOR THE FUTURE!

So, I really appreciate you taking the time to join me on this journey. It's my life's mission to get this music out there and I really appreciate your support in doing that. I know I couldn't do it without you. And I have met so many amazing people and positive souls along this path that I can hardly begin to show you enough gratitude. But, I'll try. So... thank you!


Kev Rowe is an american singer-songwriter. He has released 9 highly praised studio albums. He continues to garner national attention for his intimate, personal, singing style and lyrics. He has over 49K fans on Facebook, 28K followers on Instagram, and millions of streams on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. Kev also played lead guitar in his touring americana band Big Leg Emma who hailed out of Jamestown, NY, Rowe’s hometown.

Kev has been a touring musician for over 20 years now doing over 2000 gigs. Throughout the years he has met a lot of interesting and amazing people. He opened for songwriting legends America and was asked to play the encore "Horse with No Name" to a sold-out audience at the legendary Birchmere Music Hall in Alexandria, VA. He also made his debut at the #1 songwriting venue in NYC, The Living Room, and also at the legendary spot, The Bitter End. Over the years he's shared the stage with an incredible list of musicians (see below).

Kev Rowe now lives in western, NY, home to a very fertile and loyal roots music scene. When he's not recording or writing at home he's on the road playing his personal tunes.

 -14th Annual Billboard Song Contest -3 honorable mentions
- "Singer-songwriter of the year" -CCMA's
-Great American Song Contest -finalist
-Unisong International Songwriting Competition -finalist
-Pacific Songwriting Competition -judge favorite
-"Best Solo Musician of chautauqua county" -word magazine
-Great American Song Contest -honor award
-United Kingdom Songwriting Contest -semi-finalist
-"Chautauqua county's person of the year" -word magazine

Throughout the years Kev has shared the stage with...
The Wailers
Rusted Root
10,000 maniacs
Derek Trucks Band
Los Lobos
Del McCoury Band
Little Feat
Sam Bush
Keller Wiliiams
The Weepies
Donna the Buffalo
and many others...
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Over 49,167 Facebook Followers!
"With an acoustic guitar Kev Rowe creates his own little space in the world" -Zabrodsky, The Post Journal, Jamestown, NY 

"5 Stars! I love this CD!" -MB, CDBaby  

"Kev Rowe's CDs are filled with wonderful songs of love and true life experiences. Pick them up and you too will gain insight from the lyrics of one of America's finest songwriters." -Tom Ball, Just Plain Folk Radio, 91.3 FM (The Summit), Akron, OH 

"Wonderful!" -Jamforheim, Philippines  

"This is some truly great music." -Jenna, U.S.  

"Kev Rowe, you are awesome. I am so lucky to have found your music. Planning on seeing you next year. I'm your fan for life!" -Alice, Louisianna  

"Love it!" -Martienna, Ireland  

"This music is refreshing and honest. I love your voice. It reminds me of Paul Simon. But you still sound unique in your musical stylings are brilliant. I'm your fan for life!" -Susan, Michigan  

"I really appreciate your soulful melodies that are so quietly powerful and real!" -Roshana, U.S.  

"Great voice and sound, a future star." -Steven, Tennessee  

"Love your style!" -Jennifer, Nebraska  

"Nice and cool music. I like it and sounds great." -Strawberry, Switzerland  

"OMG, I would listen to this just because of how CUTE he is! Very nice, very listenable. Lovely guitar." -Lclark  

"Love it!!!" -Art, Washington  

"Hey folks, this is John. If you are tuning into Kev's music, you're gonna love it. Nice and relaxing, smooth tunes. Kev's guitar playing is great, and his lyrics terrific. And he sings them well. And check out Kev, himself. He is a pretty cool guy." -John, Texas 

"Kev, what a voice! I am thoroughly enjoying your music." -Ms. December  

"Great music bro!" -fdlbanzai, Philippines  

"Sounds awesome!" -Dreamweaver, U.S.  

"You are AMAZING KEV!!!!!!!!! Your music soothes my soul." -Susan from Michigan, again  

"Kev... I have really enjoyed discovering your music. Meaningful lyrics and a great voice. Your music is easy to listen to... count me as a fan!" -The Nighthawk, Alabama 

"SWEET!!!!!" -SouthernRock62, Alabama  

"Lovely sound. You have a sound like a cross between Paul Simon and Tracy Chapman - I look forward to hearing more from you!" -Samplegirl, NY  

"Your songs are awesome :)" -Kaltrina, Albania  

"Nice, very nice." -Stonesfan74, U.S.  

"This is very pretty" -HillbillyHeart, WV  

"Nice, mellow, strong, sad, has a Simon and Garfunkel vibe (without the garfunkel), I like it." -Lisa, California  

"Great sounds. Really enjoy your music." - FloPegg, England  

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