A few years ago, I felt like my world was crumbling around me. My band broke up, Big Leg Emma. My girlfriend and I broke up. I had to move back into my parents' house. I almost filed for bankruptcy. And I turned 40. All in the same year!

It sucked. I had worked hard for 20 years on the road and in the studio, but I had very little to show for it, except for THE SONGS!

It wasn't until one incredible day when I was playing my acoustic guitar on my mom's back porch taking a minute for myself, that something shifted. I was drawn to the music, and felt inspired to just sit there singing with my eyes closed and enjoying the warm sunshine. Then all of a sudden I felt a warm sense of peace. The music encouraged me to start writing songs again. And posting them on social media to connect with other people. I attracted new fans and started building an enthusiastic online community of music lovers. I started posting new songs and thousands of people started finding them.

Now, I'm blessed to have connected with thousands of music loving people all over the world. People are feeling peaceful while they listen. People are less focused on their personal problems and physical or mental disabilities. People are attracting positive things that are more in alignment with their higher purpose. People are finding that something as simple as music can help transform their life.