CD #2 - Into The Gold - Autographed - Released in 2007

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This is my 2nd CD "Into The Gold" (released in 2007). On this one I really learned to arrange and produce. More specifically, this album features 3 of my most popular instrumentals... "Dream Fade", "A Great Calm", and "Gazebo Girl". And a bunch of fun songs (with lyrics) like "I'd Rather Be a Dog", "Where The Wild Things Grow, "How You Learn To Dance", and "Sing To Me"...

So, whereas "Brown Book" was my first solo acoustic CD (in that everything was recorded live in 1 take with an acoustic guitar and a vocal microphone) "Into The Gold" was where I learned to build elaborate orchestrations and arrangements with many instruments and colorful sounds all at the same time. Really starting to paint with my music...

It's very big, again colorful, and ambitious. And here 17 years later I'm still proud of the work.

Definitely worth adding to your collection.

Track Listing
1. Hard Life For The Good Man
2. Where The Wild Things Grow
3. Gazebo Girl
4. Good Enough
5. Comfort Me
- featuring Uniit Carruyo
6. How You Learn To Dance
7. A Great Calm
8. I'd Rather Be a Dog
9. Diamond
10. Sing To Me
- featuring Amanda Barton
11. I Think Too Much
12. Wanderer at Heart
13. Dream Fade

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